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The Comedian's Tea Party with Si Deaves

Episode 37 - Maff Brown


Good day and welcome back, tea lovers.

This episode I bring Maff Brown to your ears, from Mock The Week and his own stages of Outside The Box comedy clubs.

It's a real cracker talking about comedy and the business in general, as well as people we've witnessed losing their minds during lockdown and how that's affecting careers.

I also do an impression, which is entirely visual and absolutely wasted in an audio medium.

Don't forget, importantly, if you don't ask, you don't get.

Go and find Maff and his club at;

T - @MaffBrownI - @MaffBrownW - maffbrown.comT - @OTBComedyI - @OTBComedyW - outsidetheboxcomedy.co.uk

and find the podcast at;

I - @TPartyPodT - @TPartyPodF - The Comedian's Tea Party

Until the next time, be good drink tea, enjoy yourselves. Much love, Si X


Episode 38

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