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The Corona Diaries

Chapter 126. A stones throw from Tampers Wheel

On location in the Steel City.
Perched on seven hills like Rome, and with a river running underneath, it is the home of football (according to Ant), the only place to get a Hot Roast Pork sandwich and the place that gave me the moment I realised, NOTHING could be better than being in a rock'n'roll band.
Of course when you take your recording studio and plonk it in a crowded restaurant you do place yourself at the mercy of fate, and in this case it was a couple of old friends enjoying an early afternoon tea. I think we just about got away with it, and by the sounds of their conversation we didn't disrupt them from having a lovely time (despite Vera's back-trouble)
Back to normal next week, or whatever passes for normal.
Keep it purple. Deep purple.
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