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Why Kanye West can't be cancelled


It was one of the most chaotic and controversial album rollouts in recent history but Kanye West’s 10th studio album, Donda, is finally here.

It’s safe to say Kanye is now far from the peak of his nearly two-decade career – artistically and culturally – yet his latest album still went to No. 1.

But when we’re talking about Kanye, it’s never really about the sales figures, or even just the music. There’s not that many artists who are as loved, and hated, as Kanye.

This week on The Culture, we've got a special jumbo episode (not quite as long as Donda, but still) with two of the podcast's favourites. Filmmaker and contributor to The Saturday Paper, Santilla Chingaipe, talks to us about who Kanye is: where he comes from, why so many people fell in love with his music, and why it’s so hard to be a fan right now. And music critic for The Saturday Paper, Shaad D’Souza, takes us through a more in-depth discussion about Donda, and where Kanye sits musically today.

Guests: Journalist and writer, Santilla Chingaipe and music critic for The Saturday Paper, Shaad D’Souza.


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by Schwartz Media