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by The Daughters of St. Paul
The Daughters' Project

S1 E1: Our First Episode!


Meet the three hosts for this season of the Daughters Project Podcast and find out what tattoos, camels, and goats have to do with the Daughters of St. Paul!

We are women. We are Catholic religious sisters. We are “media nuns.” And we are daughters of —Saint Paul, Blessed James Alberione, and God the Father. Join us as we share our journeys with Christ to the center of our weakness and discover with us the power found in trusting in Jesus’ mercy. Each season we will explore a topic in depth and bring you along with us. Be renewed and refreshed as we explore various themes of life in Christ.

Our hosts will rotate among several sisters at a time and we will probably add sisters to the rotation but for now, here are our hosts for this season:

Sr. Bethany Davis, FSP @SrBethanyFSP grew up on a farm with longhorn cattle and goats in Mount Airy, Maryland until she entered the convent. When she’s not sharing random facts about livestock, you’ll find her telling dramatic stories about her life, singing in stairwells, and listening to really eclectic music playlists. She loves telling people about the great love and mercy of God. If she could tell people only one thing for the rest of her life it would be: “You are loved by a loving God.”

Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP @PursuedByTruth loves to talk about skulls and death and other topics most people avoid. She is blunt and occasionally rude—but always truthful. Superficial conversations make her want to poke her eyes out. She brings authenticity and honesty to any conversation she’s in and she will consider any show a failure that doesn’t end with you thinking, “Well if they can be nuns, I can be a saint.”

Sr. Danielle Victoria @DaniellesHabit often finds herself in the deep end of a conversation. Counting small change, superficial conversations, and work that involves looking at repetitive, nonessential, and tedious details are her purgatory on earth. Captivated by beauty and the mystery of God, she is fascinated with people and loves to find out what makes them tick so she can help them live with passion.

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Episode 1

by The Daughters of St. Paul