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The Davinia Taylor Podcast- Hack Your Health

Dr Ken Berry- “I used to be a fat, miserable and ignorant doctor”

Dr Ken Berry has been a family medicine doctor for over 20 years. In his own words. “I used to be a fat, miserable, ignorant doctor, until I slowly discovered the power of removing the slow-poisons of the standard diet, and replacing them with the nourishment of a proper human diet”. His Youtube channel is packed with hundreds of insightful videos and he is the author of the incredible book, ‘Lies my Dr told me’ which dispels the myths and misinformation that have been perpetuated by the medical and food industries for decades.

I absolutely loved this conversation and I know you will too.

Oh, word of warning, there’s quite a bit of swearing in this one! 

Davinia x


How Dr Ken improved his own health.

The issue with ‘observational research’ and how it’s duping us all.

Why the calorie in/ calorie out method is not accurate and should not be used.

The benefits of a ketogenic diet.

What fats should we avoid?

What is cholesterol? 

What are the risks with statins?

What is the link between low fat foods and mental health issues?

Can you eat too much salt? (in short, no!)

Why is whole grain addictive and should we be eating it?

Is fibre needed in our diet?

What does Dr Ken eat?

The benefits of eating liver.

Do women need to eat differently to men?

Ken’s tips to avoid food cravings (or at least giving in to them).

Ken’s thoughts on alcohol.

Ken’s motivation for educating others.

Busting myths.

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The Davinia Taylor Podcast- Hack Your Health
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