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The Davinia Taylor Podcast- Hack Your Health

Dr Tamsin Lewis- “Many people have come out of Covid saying I've never quite felt the same since"

Dr Tam is an adventurist, motivator and educator. She is trained in Psychiatry and is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists whilst being the CEO and co-founder of her own wellness organisation Wellgevity.

After contracting Covid-19 early in the pandemic, Dr Tam experienced long covid, something she is still suffering with to this day. Her knowledge as both doctor and patient makes this conversation incredibly insightful, with research taken both from scientific studies and her own experiences.

There are so many great, actionable tips here, if you end up trying them let us know how you get on!

Davinia x


Dr Tam’s experience with covid

How does perimenopause make you more vulnerable to viruses, especially covid?

What are the symptoms of long covid?

Has covid accelerated the menopause in some women?

What treatments are available for long covid?

Negative side effects to taking steroids.

Why are allergies so prevalent after covid?

The dangers of mould toxicity on your heath and how to test for it.

How is Dr Tam dealing with her long covid?

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) what is it and what are the benefits? (especially for brain fog and long covid)

How to deal with trauma from conditions such as covid?

The link between the nervous system and the immune system.

How does breathwork help our nervous and immune system? 

The importance of finding the right breathwork for you.

How are psychedelics being used for mental health?

Dr Tam’s top tips for keeping healthy.

Some tips to reduce the side effects of drinking alcohol.

Sleep hacks

Learn more about Reoxy here something I have been using for the last few weeks and seeing great benefits from. It's a new breathing therapy medical device, that treats patients with individually dosed levels of reduced-oxygen (hypoxic) gas mixtures throughout the procedure.

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The Davinia Taylor Podcast- Hack Your Health
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