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by Nick Italiano
The DayByDay Podcast

The DayByDay Podcast #11 | Denzel "Denzi" Pires


Today I got to chat with one of my oldest friends the one and only Denzi! Me and Denzi talked about his love for anime, some of his favourite anime series, His love for understanding how the human body functions and how that helped him find his passion for the career path he is now set on, Our thoughts on looking at everything no matter how negative it may be through the most positive lens possible, His transition from several years ago to who he is now thanks to the better people and environment he is now surrounded by, and so much more. Be sure to go and follow Denzi on Instagram @denzel.pires down below Is our link tree be sure to Subscribe and follow us on all platforms to stay notified on all future content and Enjoy!


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by Nick Italiano