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The Defiant - DeFi Podcast

🎙 Scoopy Trooples of Alchemix: "Liquidity Mining is Like a Drug; You Have to Wean Yourself Off Over Time"


In this week’s episode I speak with Scoopy Trooples, founder of Alchemix, a protocol that programs self-paying loans without the risk of liquidations. Think about that; here’s a DeFi application that promises to automatically pay users’ collateralized loans, and on top of that, guarantee they won’t be liquidated. Scoopy explains how something like that can work and it’s all about plugging into other money legos like Yearn Finance to earn yield off that collateral and use that yield to pay off loans. Scoopy also goes into Alchemix v2 and into what he believes is a new movement in DeFi, which he helped coin as DeFi 2.0. Scoopy says dapps will now have options besides yield farming to attract liquidity to their protocols, which will allow teams to better control assets in their smart contracts, increasing capital efficiency.

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