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The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

E164: Krept: From Rapper To Building A £17.5 Million Baby Business!


Krept is a rapper and one half of the the iconic rap duo Krept and Konan. The host of the Rap Game, Krept is a star of our tv screens as well as the recording studio. And with his multiple business successes, Krept has built empires from scratch in multiple areas of his life.

It’s a world away from experiencing crime and poverty as a young boy. Krept has routinely looked into the darkest areas of his psyche to find the motivation to propel himself forwards, finding unexpected truths about the human condition in the process.

Krept’s been stabbed, had to pull his business back from the suicide of his partner, and built his way out of Croydon. There’s so many times in his life where he’s had to bounce back after unimaginable setbacks. But he did it. In full context and with frank honesty, he tell us exactly how he did it.


  • Early years
  • Could you see how things could have gone a different way?
  • Going on tour
  • Mental mental health
  • Nash - Krept and Konan
  • Finding out about Nash
  • How are you feeling?
  • When was it when everything changed for you?
  • Your relationship with money
  • The Hiphop culture making people want to spend money
  • Nala's baby
  • What have you learnt from Nala’s baby
  • Being attacked backstage
  • Cadet’s death
  • The last guests question



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