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The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

E178: Lewis Capaldi: The Untold Story Of Becoming A Global Superstar At 22


Lewis Capaldi is one of the biggest singers and musicians in the world today whose last album went 4x platinum. His new single is Forget me and it’s out now. Known for his authentic and honest style, Lewis is unlike any poster that’s come before him.

But behind the everyman ‘boy from Glasgow’ persona is a vulnerable side to Lewis. After a 3 year hiatus from music he tells us, for the very first time, he opens up about his struggles with sometimes crippling anxiety, how he ‘hates recording albums’, and the intense pressure he puts himself under that drives everything he does.

This conversation is a hell of a ride. Expect what you thought you knew about Lewis to be turned upside down. But in the process of listening to this conversation with the pop star whose persona is that he has nothing to hide, you’ll see just how much he’s been holding back all this time. 


  • Early years 
  • Hypochondria 
  • Panic attacks
  • Being self deprecating
  • Comparing the first album to the new one
  • The pandemic saved my panic attacks
  • Questioning what I’m doing
  • Tourettes 
  • Mental health
  • What would you liked to have been at 16? 
  • How do others get where you are
  • Social media marketing
  • Writing songs
  • Relationships
  • Whats the questions you’e never been asked before?
  • The downside of your passion becoming your profession
  • Other people perception of you
  • Are you confident
  • Your new music
  • Future goals 
  • The last guest question



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