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The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Moment 122: The Unseen And Horrifying Knock On Effect Of Dating Apps On Our Society - Scott Galloway

In this moment, professor and author Scott Galloway discusses how technology has taken over dating and the impact of this. Traditionally, a third of couples met via work, another third through friends and a final third at school, however dating apps have completely taken over the dating market. This change to dating has had dramatic impacts specifically for young men, as the men who are in the top 10% of attractiveness attract 90% of female attention. This has led Scott to the belief that online dating has been great for the top 10% of attractive men, OK for the top 50% and a total disaster for bottom 50%. These bottom 50% of men are effectively shut out of the dating market and can have devastating impacts for society. Listen to the full episode here - https://g2ul0.app.link/Q7GUorgx9Bb Watch the Episodes On Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/c/%20TheDiaryOfACEO/videos Scott: https://twitter.com/profgalloway
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The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett
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