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The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Moment 131: Why You Need To Start Embracing ALL Your Emotions: Dr. Julie Smith

In support of world mental health day 3 days ago we're releasing a moment that we believe will help our listeners on the topic of supporting their mental health. In this weeks moment, discover the key to mastering your emotions in this insightful discussion with clinical psychologist, Dr. Julie Smith. In life, we often face two prevailing philosophies: suppress your emotions and power through, or embrace them wholeheartedly. But what if both of these paths lead to unexpected pitfalls?
Join Dr. Julie Smith as she unravels the secrets to emotional harmony. Learn how therapy can provide you with the essential tools to navigate your emotions, to gradually confront them, and to understand your actions without judgment.

Listen to the full episode here - https://g2ul0.app.link/Sew3KrnPIqb
Dr Julie - https://www.instagram.com/drjulie/?hl=en
Watch the Episodes On Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/c/TheDiaryOfACEO/videos
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The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett
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