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Bestselling author explains how he was able to connect with millions of hard-to-flip voters


Scott speaks with novelist Gregg Hurwitz about his latest New York Times bestseller "Prodigal Son" his latest installment in the OrphanX series and his political activities that spanned the partisan divide, as well as his writing for The Bulwark. He even revealed for the first time how his own personal experiences partly inspired the creation of Evan Smoak, the heroic assassin from his book series.

"I didn't want to just write within publications that are read by people who agree with us already, because a lot of what I was trying to do is figure out ways to make good faith arguments, to win them across," Hurwitz explained about his deep dive into political writing. "And to understand that the value set that we, that we hold as liberals can be talked about through conservative language and a conservative understanding that lets them then make a good faith choice whether we represent some of their interests and values better than Donald Trump and the Trump Republican party does."

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