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Reality Winner’s lawyer lays out the case for her freedom


Scott speaks with Alison Grinter, a lawyer to some of America’s most politically persecuted people, including Reality Winner, whose bombshell NSA leak about Russia's attack on the 2016 election changed the course of our nation's politics.

This is the first in a series of three interviews with Reality Winner's inner circle, the first such interviews her family has given since her release from federal prison earlier this year.

Grinter didn’t start her career as a civil rights lawyer. Still, she’s representing a Texas woman unjustly jailed for illegal voting and fighting hard for her client, Reality Winner, to earn a commutation of the rest of her sentence. Despite Winner earning an early release for good behavior, the federal parole conditions are an oppressive presence stifling her free speech and daily life. At the end of this interview, she asked President Biden to step in and take action to relieve her client's remaining burden of ankle monitors and three more years of court control just for telling Americans what their government already knew about our elections.

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Episode 9

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