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by Clint Clarkson
The eLearning Alchemist

Ep. 21 | #WomenInLearning | Experiential Learning with Megan Underwood


In this episode, Clint Clarkson interviews learning design expert, Megan Underwood about the 7 principles of experiential learning. They discuss backwards design, the importance of feedback and reflection in learning, and why content is the last thing we need to think about.   Click here to see the enhanced transcript with additional resources   🔊 LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST:  🔷 Online: http://anchor.fm/elapc  🔷 Youtube: http://youtube.com/c/elearningalchemy 🔷 Your favourite podcast app.   🎬 Video made with: https://www.headliner.app/   CONNECT WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA:  🐥 Twitter: @eLearnAlchemy  💼 LinkedIn: company/elearningalchemy/  👍 Facebook: @eLearningAlchemy  📸 Instagram: @eLearningAlchemy --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/elapc/message


Episode 21

by Clint Clarkson