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Culture Events Producer Michael O’Farrell of Shopify - Producing a Company Summit for a Globally-Distributed Team


Michael O'Farrell has founded and produced events for over a decade. Now he's the Culture Events Producer at Shopify, a commerce platform that helps over 1 Million merchants across 175 countries.

This week we chat about his transition from producing events for the public to now local and global events for Shopify. He shares the challenges he and his team have overcome while producing an annual summit for over 5,000 employees distributed around the world.

"My co-workers want to be wowed each time which is fun because it kind of allows us to get outside of our bubble and try different things and experiment. That’s what I’ve enjoyed most about coming to Shopify, is using my creativity and building that experience, instead of not being able to sleep at night and concentrating on ticket sales and how are we are going sell tickets."

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Episode 14

by Emamo