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Interactive Livestream Founder Eli Stonberg of Hovercast - The Four Steps to a Wildly Interactive Livestream


Eli Stonberg is the cofounder of Hovercast, an interactive live streaming and event platform. With so many events choosing to go virtual, event organizers are looking for better ways to involve their audience. Hovercast is a tool that allows you to prompt meaningful audience participation, easily display questions or graphics, and authentically respond on your livestream.

"The reason we fell in love with livestream is because we have a chance to react and take participation into effect in the show. And that’s where things get really interesting."

Hovercast offers a variety of tools from political AMA's with the Bernie Sanders campaign to creating an interactive game for Old Spice. We dive into why everything they build helps serve one core value: getting your audience involved and transforming the experience using their four step feedback loop.

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Episode 15

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