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#447 — Johnny Flynn, Kingsley Ben-Adir


This week's Empire Podcast features two interviews with fast-rising British stars, both of whom play icons in films released this week. First off, Chris Hewitt has a chat with actor-musician Johnny Flynn about his experiences playing David Bowie in Stardust, and later has a natter with Kingsley Ben-Adir about playing Malcolm X in Regina King's sensational directorial debut, One Night In Miami.

Then, Chris is joined in the virtual podbooth by Helen O'Hara and James Dyer to discuss their favourite movie (and real-life) teachers, talk about the week's movie news (this episode was recorded before that rumour about a certain character returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe), and review One Night In Miami, Stardust, Blithe Spirit, and the first two episodes of WandaVision. In fact, there's quite a bit of TV chat on this week's show, but we're pretty sure we haven't been infiltrated by the Pilot TV podcast. Yet.



Episode 681

Season 1

by Empire Magazine