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Wealth is your True Nature with Andrea & Sal


Are you ready to go deep, have fun and enjoy a strong frequency field?! Here we go!

In this mind-blowing talk with Dr. Andrea & Sal Morningstar, we covered the following topics:

  •  What is the template of the New Earth
  •  Embodiment of the multidimensionality
  •  What is currently happening on Earth in terms of frequencies
  •  Why there is no separation between wealth and Divinity
  •  Wealth structures of the New Earth
  •  How the co-creation of Andrea & Sal looks like
  •  How to create from Real Love and Truth

Dr. Andrea and Sal Morningstar are business and Ascension mentors and speakers who guide high performance & high frequency creators into their highest expressions as the Divine. 

Andrea began her professional career as a doctor and entrepreneur before receiving divine intuition to fully guide others on the Ascension path. In 2020, Sal joined her as they closed her private practice and went into the online space, quickly creating 6 & 7 figure months in less than a year, while supporting their clients in doing the same. 

Connect with Vera:

YOUTUBE: The Essence with Vera Schmid

IG: @veraschmid_
FB: @Vera Schmid

Contact Vera: HERE
Book a discovery call: Book here

Webpage: www.michaelandevera.com

Connect with Dr. Andrea & Sal Morningstar:

IG: instagram.com/drandreamorningstar

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrAndreaMorningstar

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@TheMorningstars_TV

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