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Welcome to THE ESSENCE Podcast - Opening Prayer


A New Era of this podcast is here. 

God's Living Light is everywhere, and can no longer be denied. Truth is revealed from within. 

From the hidden corners of this planet message of the One is being spread like a wave of the ocean. The time is now. We cannot close our eyes from seeing it anymore. We cannot close our ears from hearing it anymore.

This is the Spiritual Revelation of the New Earth. Right here. Inside of you... In all of us... Alive like never before!

The amount of Love & Grace that was unimaginable and unbelievable earlier, is now here available for you.

This show is all about God and his living miracles in our daily lives. There are interviews and stories which will allow you to walk by embodied faith not by sight. You’ll receive Divine reminders that the Light of God is undeniable and so strong that you cannot miss it if you desire to experience it.

You are invited to receive this show with the totality of your Heart and Spirit. Your host, Vera, provides gentle but powerful support to unravel deeper layers of purity and love of your being.

Receiving the Revelation of God’s nature in you will have a massive ripple effect in all areas of your life: all creations, business, money, relationships, health etc.

In this show, God is discussed outside of religion and spiritual dogma. 

May you receive the prayers of this show to level up your life into dimensions that you did not know existed for you and for all of us.

Let’s rock this show together!

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IG: @veraschmid_
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Webpage: www.michaelandevera.com

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