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The Exam Room by the Physicians Committee

73-Year-Old Stroke Survivor Finally Free Of Heart Problems, Diabetes | Bob Madison

A 73-year-old stroke survivor in critical health has transformed!

Bob Madison no longer struggles with high cholesterol, has drastically improved diabetes, and eradicated the nerve pain that was destroying his life. Within a month he no longer needed insulin and was able to dramatically reduce other medications.

Bob also lost well over 50 pounds and went from relying on a walker to walking over five miles in nature.

He is a new man hoping to inspire others make the same changes he did so they can overcome their own significant health challenges no matter how old they are.

The military veteran has one message: “If I can coach myself to better health at 73, I can coach others to do the same!”

Bob joins "The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carroll to share his incredible story on The Exam Room Podcast.


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The Exam Room by the Physicians Committee
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