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by Stephen McLain
The Finance Leader Podcast

058: Building Your Professional Foundation


Build your professional foundation which includes your education, earning a professional certification, and growing your business knowledge. Your Foundation establishes your professional credibility and expertise, which is key to being a sought-after Finance and Accounting Leader. Embrace a life-long learning mindset to firmly establish your Professional Foundation.

The following outline is used during the episode:

  1. We must build our credentials and knowledge,
  2. We will be known for our technical expertise, but we need to develop our leadership ability too,
  3. We must embrace continual learning and development, and
  4. Update your IDP regularly.

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For more resources, please visit stephenmclain.com. On the website, you can download the Leadership Growth Blueprint for Finance and Accounting Managers. You can use this guide to develop your leadership by focusing on communication, and growing and empowering your team.

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Episode 2

Season 7

by Stephen McLain