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Brian Hollins from Collide Capital


Brian Hollins is redefining venture capital by unlocking the back door for those who unfairly get stopped at the front.

Brian Hollins, Founder and General Partner of Collide Capital, a seed-stage enterprise and consumer services fund, is not your typical VC. A current student at Harvard Business School, Brian has proven that sometimes the most impactful path into venture capital is an atypical one. While Collide Capital is Brian’s first fund, it isn’t the first organization he’s founded: he is also a founding board member for BLK VC, an organization created to support Black founders, and he is the Founder and CEO of Takeoff Institute, a nonprofit supporting Black undergraduates as they transition from college to their careers. Now, with Collide Capital building its first fund, Brian is ready to iterate on this style of leadership as an emerging manager.

With first-time funds only accounting for 5% of the capital raised by VC funds every year, Brian knew that he needed to find a way to make Collide stand out. That’s why he and his team came up with the idea for what they call Fund Zero, a million-dollar proof-of-concept fund that they deployed over 28 investments. Fund Zero’s purpose was to prove to future LPs that Collide Capital’s thesis—opening doors and creating value for founders—could succeed. Now, six months in, Brian has proven that emerging managers can do more than hold their own in VC: they’re changing the way funds are run.

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Episode 16

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