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Elizabeth Yin from Hustle Fund VC


Elizabeth Yin is redefining venture capital by democratizing wealth through startups.

On this week’s episode of The First Close, hear from Elizabeth Yin, the Co-Founder and General Partner of Hustle Fund, a pre-seed fund focused on democratizing wealth through stocks. Before building Hustle Fund, Elizabeth worked as a partner at 500 Startups and ran its Mountain View accelerator program in addition to founding the adtech company LaunchBit, which was acquired in 2014. She then worked at Google after completing her BSEE at Stanford and an MBA at MIT Sloan, forming a solid basis for her business- and investment-savvy mindset that she brings to Hustle Fund today.

Elizabeth speaks at length about typical VC work culture and the changes she has made at Hustle Fund. She breaks down the different revenue streams Hustle Fund gives its founders, from traditional VC funds to a crew of Angel Investors titled “Angel Squad.” She explains that the idea behind the “Angel Squad” is to keep LPs as diverse as possible. Elizabeth also shares how she prioritizes growing her Twitter following, as over half of Hustle Fund applicants cited Twitter as a touchpoint for the company.

In many different ways, Elizabeth works to keep her fund accessible, both with her online presence and her “Angel Squad.” By running her own “lightweight accelerator” to connect founders with mentors, she also makes accessibility a priority for her portfolio.

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Episode 18

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