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Michael Lints and Justin Hall from Golden Gate Ventures


Michael Lints is redefining venture capital by not only focusing on the outcome of their investments but also focusing on mental health and social impact.

Justin Hall is redefining venture capital by spotlighting founders and companies unique to Southeast Asia and proving that billion-dollar companies can scale from emerging markets.

On this episode of The First Close, we interview Justin Hall and Michael Lints, partners at Golden Gate Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Singapore. Founded in 2011, Golden Gate Ventures invests in seed-stage and Series A companies across Southeast Asia—and now, with the steady rise of unicorns in the region, Golden Gate Ventures is in the perfect position to contribute to this growing startup ecosystem. Together, Justin and Michael have made 65 investments at Golden Gate Ventures since they joined the team in 2012 and 2013, respectively, and they assert that the key to the firm’s success lies in its consistency within the team and its focus on founders who are addressing hyperlocal problems.

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Episode 13

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