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Monique Woodard from Cake Ventures


Monique Woodard is redefining venture capital by investing in companies that meet the needs of a changing population of internet users and backing the uniquely qualified entrepreneurs who understand them.

Monique Woodard, Founder and Managing Partner at Cake Ventures, a seed-stage fund based in San Francisco, was inspired to start her own fund when she noticed a puzzling pattern in venture capital: the demographics of internet users were shifting, but investment trends weren’t shifting along with them.

Monique’s own research revealed the populations that investors were failing to target—especially aging populations, people of color, and women—could actually turn out to be the most lucrative market for internet technologies in the near future. Perhaps most notably, her research busted the common VC myth that people over 55 are difficult to reach online.

That, as Monique described it, is one layer of the cake at Cake Ventures: the other two layers—the demographic groups that Monique knew needed to be catered to more heavily in VC—are women and what Monique calls “the rise of a new majority.” In the near future, Asian, Latino, and Afro-American populations will become the majority of the US population—and the internet user base will change with them.

Cake Ventures invests in startup founders who cater to this evolving user base. As an experienced Venture Partner and three-time startup founder, Monique has drawn upon her previous experiences in tech to create a fund that truly embodies Cake Ventures’s tagline: “Investing in where we are going, not where we came from.”

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