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by Dr. Hazel Wallace
The Food Medic

S6 E6: Barbell Medicine: resistance training for health + longevity with Dr Jordan Feigenbaum


Jordan Feigenbaum is a physician, strength coach, and powerlifter. He started Barbell Medicine in 2012 in an effort to bring the best of modern medicine to strength and conditioning and vice versa. Jordan is passionate about a variety of issues related to public health, education, and sport.

This episode covers:
- The story behind barbell medicine: bench to bedside
- Health benefits of resistance training
- Why recommendations to do resistance training are not more widespread in medical practice
- How we can integrate resistance training into primary care
- Advice for people new to weight training
- Fears around causing or triggering pain when lifting heavy
- Pain and injury management in weight lifting.
- Jordan's big rocks when it comes to health and longevity.

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by Dr. Hazel Wallace