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by Dr. Hazel Wallace
The Food Medic

S6 E9: Jamie Simmonds 2019 3rd fittest woman on earth


Jamie Simmonds (formerly Jamie Greene) is a four-time CrossFit Games athlete and two-time podium finisher, once in 2016 with team CrossFit Yas and once in 2019 as an individual. She’s been a national champion for six years and finished on the podium on prominent Sanctionals such as Strength in Depth and the Down Under CrossFit Championship.

Jamie started CrossFit only in 2013 but her background as a gymnast and rugby player certainly helped secure her as one of the top crossfit athletes in the world. Jamie’s journey to becoming the third Fittest Woman hasn’t always been easy with her intense training schedule, injuries, and other stepbacks, yet she is still one of the most determined and committed athletes I know - and she always seems to do with a smile.

This episode covers:
- Jamie's journey into crossfit
- Her experience at the 2019 Crossfit Games - what she loved and what she found the most challenging.
- Dealing with Injury and not competing in the 2021 Crossfit season.
- How to stay motivated with training
- A normal day for Jamie
- How the pandemic has affected her training and adjustments she has made.
- Stigma around women and weight lifting and her experience as a female athlete in Crossfit
- Strategies that are key to her recovery
- Advice for those wanting to start Crossfit
- Her current goals and what’s next for her



by Dr. Hazel Wallace