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Spice Up Your Writing, Grow Your Newsletter with Abigail Koffler

​Abigail Koffler’s 6th grade diary waxes poetic about the terrible food she had on a school field trip. It was only the beginning of her foray into the land of culinary critiques.

​When Abigail founded This Needs Hot Sauce in 2017, the newsletter was her passion project while she worked for a nonprofit. Soon, she quit the nonprofit scene to pursue writing full time, and her weekly newsletter generated clips to bolster her pitches for other freelance gigs.

​Since 2017, Koffler has written for traditional media outlets, including food, travel, and culture writing for Food & Wine, Eater, and The Infatuation. Meanwhile, Abigail ships her Substack newsletter twice a week, teaches cooking classes, and explores New York City in search of the perfect meal.

​In this Zoom call, Abigail walked us through the lessons she’s learned after nearly four years of consistent newsletter publication, talk us through her keys to staying productive and creative, and fill us in on her journey to becoming a full-time freelance writer with her own registered corporation.

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