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The Game Football Podcast

Jeff Stelling joins us to discuss wins for Villa, Spurs, and Fulham; and defeats for Chelsea and Man Utd.

The Game Football Podcast
The Game Football Podcast

Tom Clarke has crawled off his sick bed to join Monday regulars Alyson Rudd and Gregor Robertson and special guest Jeff Stelling.

After a quick hello to Jeff its on to a brilliant set of matches this weekend. Spurs and Bournemouth are committed to attacking football, no compromise, at the expense of a tired Newcastle and a disjointed Manchester United.

Villa are the real deal. Emery has re-ignited Villa park, has strength in depth and has the fans and team united. The same can’t be said of Chelsea and Pochettino.

And a great week for Fulham.



2’ A big hello to Jeff Stelling. Whistle stop tour of all things Jeff, career, Hartlepool and more Hartlepool.

9’ Modern football, access to players, how things have changed.

11’ City players in the 70’s used to do a panto for the fas!

Spurs v Newcastle

12’  Postecoglou stuck to his principles and went for it, all guns blazing. It paid off. Newcastle looked tired, running on fumes.

13’ Eddie Howe is already picking youngsters, hard to see what else he can do. Pantomime of a game.

14’ Post playing the sort of game expected and welcomed at Spurs. The fans love it, it’s a thrown back to glory glory Tottenham Hotspurs. Newcastle out on their feet. Fans left after the game with no trains – again.

17’ As tired as Newcastle are, there is an element of poor form. Can form stem from fatigue. Howe not claiming tiredness as an excuse.

Man Utd v Bournemouth

19’ Bournemouth turned the corner. Iraola was on the edge now looks genius to appoint and stick with him.

20’ nit many sackings this year.

22’ Iraola believes in attacking football. Players now buying into that and starting to gel. Results and confidence are coming.

25’ Where do Man Utd stand. Limited plan or vision. Hard to know what the team will produce.

26’ Are players short of confidence or not trying…hard to tell.

27’ playing players out of position, lack of clarity. Martial…would he rather be Christmas shopping…

Villa v Arsenal

29’ Its not hype, Villa are very good. How is Emery doing it?

30’ Emery always hard a better than average home record at his clubs.

31’ he is linking fans and the team igniting Villa park and its atmosphere, which is historically a hostile place to go.

32’ Villa were amazing against City, a bit lucky against Arsenal.

34’ They play an incredibly high line. The manager improves players.

36’ top four more realistic than title winners.

37’ Arsenal a bit below par, but unlucky not to have a goal or a penalty in last minute.

38’ Club built around Emery and to support.

39’ Arsenal not playing as well as last season, but right up there. Bodes well for a serious title tilt, winning when not playing well.

41’ could go to the final weekend.


43’ Suddenly found some goals and the results are following.

47’ Good players finding confidence.

48‘ Palhinha top of the stats each week.


How do you spend a billion and look so poor…

Too many signings on potential.

Rumour has it Poch wants to sign more.

Poch was brought ot build a team, gel them together. Doesn’t look like he is doing that yet.

Behind the scenes the club is still messy. Poch is hinting at that.

Gap between perception and reality.

Will Poch be given time?

They need results, fast.

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The Game Football Podcast
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