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by Sharyn O’Hagan
The Garden of Confidence

Having the Courage to Prosper


Episode 16 of The Garden of Confidence

Do you ever feel that there is just so much more to life than what you are experiencing? Maybe you have a dream or a knowing that you are just not operating at your full potential and have so much more to give.
You get excited about taking those first next steps and then panic hits you and you wonder "Who am I to do this?".
This week I chat with mindset coach Pauline Rohdich who through her business Phenomenal Women on a Mission is busy helping so many women to have the confidence to prosper and live their best life.
Pauline has been on this journey herself and shared with me an honest account of the steps she took and the steps that we can all begin to take too.


Episode 16

Season 1

by Sharyn O’Hagan