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by Sharyn O’Hagan
The Garden of Confidence

Introduction to The Garden of Confidence


Ever wish you had more self-confidence?

Yes me too, so I’m excited to announce my new show “The Garden of Confidence” which will be a self journey into how we can grow our confidence in all areas of life.

I have lots of exciting guest interviews lined up to talk us through their tools and tips to grow in confidence.

Topics include:
- Confidence at work / in your career
- Public Speaking
-Body Image
-Self Care
-Confidence as a Mum
-Self belief
-Setting boundaries and saying no

In this introduction I explain why this topic is so important to me and what I hope to explore and achieve from this podcast.

Visit for more information also www.YourStyleYourStory.com


Episode 1

Season 1

by Sharyn O’Hagan