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by Sharyn O’Hagan
The Garden of Confidence

Stop using time as an excuse for ignoring self care


Garden Of Confidence Episode 2 

Are we too quick to use the lack of time as an excuse to neglect our self-care? 

How quick can we implement healthy meals and exercise into our daily routine?

I’m excited to be joined this week by Martina and Lynne from The Pepper Hustle Method to learn all of this and so much more.

✨ Spoiler alert - neither Martina nor Lynne knew what self-care was over 5 years ago and now they are absolute roles models for self-love and help 100s of women with self-care every day. I can’t wait to learn how they went through this transformation. ❤️

If you would  like a copy of Pepper Hustle On Demand's'  Raspberry & Almond Overnight Oats' Recipe just email sharon@YourStyleYourStory.com.


Episode 2

Season 1

by Sharyn O’Hagan