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by Lisa Louise Cooke
The Genealogy Gems Podcast with Lisa Louise Cooke     -      Your Family History Show

Lessons Learned from History: One Family's Inspiring Story


One Family's Story and the Lessons Learned from History In this episode of the Genealogy Gems Podcast you'll hear Daniel's story and the lessons we can learn from history. You can watch the video recording of this on Elevenses with Lisa. Click here for the complete show notes at my Genealogy Gems website.  Getting Your History Digitized Our family’s history comes in many forms, and some of them over time can become obsolete. I shared in this episode my continuing progress on my own project of converting the rest of my old home movies that are in a variety of formats (8mm, mini DV, High 8, and VHS.)  I use Larsen Digital and have been extremely pleased with the service and results. The folks at Larsen Digital have put together special and exclusive discounts for Genealogy Gems listeners and readers.  Get the Genealogy Gems Podcast App Get the right app for your phone or tablet .   Follow Lisa and Genealogy Gems on Social Media: Stay Up to Date with the Genealogy Gems Newsletter The Genealogy Gems email newsletter is the best way to stay informed about what’s available with your Premium eLearning Membership. Click below to sign up today.


Episode 242

by Lisa Louise Cooke