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by Corin Grillo
The Golden Vine

Are Angels Aliens? Part 2 With TruthSeekah


Speaking of conspiracy theories, here’s a particularly popular one: are angels aliens? All kinds of theories have come up to answer this question, but what is the truth? Corin Grillo returns to the interview with Christian mystic, TruthSeekah for a special conversation on angels, aliens and whether the two are the same thing or not. TruthSeekah’s perspective on this is just awesome. His unique experiences gave him a profound understanding that is infinitely beyond what run-of-the-mill conspiracy theorists usually rant about. Don’t miss the part where they make sense of Corin’s own experience with what she believes was an alien abduction. If the question of aliens and angels isn’t mind-boggling enough for you, there is so much more to this conversation than that, so make sure to stick until the end!

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Episode 19

by Corin Grillo