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by Corin Grillo
The Golden Vine

Discovering The Mysteries Of Ayahuasca – Traditional Medicine For Mind Healing With Rachel Harris


There are a lot of things in healing that we still have to learn about, especially when it comes to healing the mind. A lot of research is going on to get to the root of people’s positive experiences with a medicine called ayahuasca – a blend of different psychoactive plants claimed to have a host of positive effects on the mind. Today, joining Corin Grillo is Dr. Rachel Harris, a psychologist and the author of Listening to Ayahuasca, who shares the interesting findings of her research on people’s experiences with the medicine. The healing potential of ayahuasca for various psychological problems is a subject of numerous studies that continues to this day. This is a significant inroad into discovering the intersections between conventional and alternative practices in mental health.

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Episode 13

by Corin Grillo