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by Corin Grillo
The Golden Vine

Encounter With An Angel – Find The Good News With Oran Parker


We all experience pivotal moments in our lives, but for the chosen few, those moments become spiritual blessings that lead to a spiritual transformation that also helps others. In this episode, Corin Grillo sits down with someone who is right in the middle of working through and stepping into his influence as a spiritual leader. She has over Brother Oran Parker, the host of the podcast, Find the Good News, a show focused on good people doing good works wherever he can find them. As the world continues to become even more chaotic day by day, it helps to get reminded of the daily blessings we get to receive and find the good that is hidden even in the darkest of places. Tune into this great conversation to find out how Oran was touched by a spiritual experience, particularly that with an angel, that inspired him to get clear on his mission to bring hope and happiness to all corners of the world.

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Episode 11

by Corin Grillo