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by Corin Grillo
The Golden Vine

How To Self-Publish Your Book And Become An International Best Selling Author With Debbi Dachinger


Who says you need a big publisher to become an international best-selling author? This episode’s guest, Debbi Dachinger, has proved that you can achieve that, even while self-publishing your book. Debbi is a keynote speaker, certified coach, international bestselling author, and media visibility authority. She imparts her expertise in this episode as she joins host, Corin Grillo, to talk about the key steps in getting self-published and make your bestselling book number one in the world. She further discusses the pros and cons of self-publishing and how to get it visible amidst the competition. What is more, Debbi also takes us to her journey of spiritual awakening, leading her into her mission and purpose of helping people achieve their dreams. 

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Episode 23

by Corin Grillo