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by Corin Grillo
The Golden Vine

Near-Death Experience, Automatic Writing, And Inspire Nation With Michael Sandler


Some things happen that leave us asking, “why me?” For those who have been in near-death experiences, it can be difficult to understand what the universe has planned for us. Michael Sandler, host of the Inspire Nation Show, has been in not only one but two near-death experiences, snapping him out of his old self and into the heart-centered person that he is now serving others. In this episode, Corin Grillo interviews Michael to share with us his stories and how he took the universe’s calling to make some change in his life. Plus, he also talks about doing automatic writing, telling us the origin behind it, and how you can get into direct communication with your spirit team, higher self, and the creator. Dive deep into this conversation as you learn the value of listening to the universe through Michael’s story. 

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Episode 17

by Corin Grillo