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by Corin Grillo
The Golden Vine

Rise Above The Chaos With Archangel Uriel


There is a lot of madness going on that tends to force us into picking a side. As such, with so much polarity, especially in politics, we forget to hold our own line. In this interesting episode, Corin Grillo takes notes from Archangel Uriel to talk about how you can rise above the chaos by extracting yourself from the polarity and maintaining your sovereignty. She discusses the difference between a sovereign mind and an enslaved mind, particularly in terms of cult and the magnetism of the polarities and narratives persisting today. Join her, as guided by Archangel Uriel’s wisdom, in this conversation as she helps you hold your truth and get clarity on where you really stand with all of the issues through some awesome strategies to maintain sovereignty and keep your vision of a beautiful future.

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Episode 24

by Corin Grillo