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by Corin Grillo
The Golden Vine

What’s Up With All The Conspiracy Theories? With TruthSeekah


Truth be told, conspiracy theories can be addicting. With the access of information we have today, the Internet has clearly become a black hole for conspiracies—one that can be difficult to get out of, especially in this time of isolation. Are you struggling to peel your eyes away from it? If so, then this episode is a treat for you! Host, Corin Grillo, interviews the perfect guest, someone who is a recovery conspiracy theorist himself. Christian mystic, TruthSeekah of The TruthSeekah Podcast, is here to help illuminate and elucidate the phenomenon of the narratives that are going on. A full believer who used to preach on the streets about conspiracies, he shares with us the mindset that got him hooked and got him out of it. Plus, TruthSeekah also takes us deep into his expertise with a spiritually-based conversation. Listen in on this juicy discussion for more!


Episode 18

by Corin Grillo