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Train to Busan (2016) Review!


Hi all! I'm stepping back in from the hiatus. Everything is canceled because Coronavirus. I get into that a bit and then decide to review a movie that I know I love; that I've seen multiple times...2016's Train to Busan!

Cast List (so you can follow along, I didn't want to mess up Korean pronunciation more than I already was) :

*Dad = Seok-woo

*Little girl/daughter = Su-an

*Guy with pregnant wife = Sang-hwa

*Pregnant wife/pregnant woman = Seong-kyeong

*Baseball guy/baseball player = Yong-guk

*Baseball guy's cheerleader girlfriend = Jin-hee

*Selfish man/guy/dude = Yon-suk

*Old lady sisters = In-gil and Jong-gil

*Train attendant Yong-guk gets killed = Ki-chul

*Awesome conductor = conductor

*Homeless man = homeless man

Warning : Spoilers!

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Episode 96

by MJ