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by Jordan Santamaria
The Grow Life: Cannabis Cultivation

Germinate Your Seeds and Start Your Seedlings


Thanks for joining me for Episode 2 of The Grow Life brought to you by Green Goat Grow Company. I apologize in advance for my sore throat lol. In this episode we dig deep into the details of how to germinate a cannabis seed, best practices, what you'll need, lots of fun industry terms, "what to expect when you're expecting", and how to care for your plant-babies (seedlings). Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any company, so anything I mention is something I have legitimately used and got use out of.  As stated in the podcast, here are the Amazon.com links to the items I've used.

More expensive Kit: SunBlaster Mini Greenhouse Kit w/ Stand

Less expensive Kit: iPower Heating Germination Starter Kit

Root Riot Organic Moistened Starter Plugs

Excerpt:  In a cannabis plants lifecycle in general, we're breaking it down in to 6 stages: Germination (which lasts anywhere from 2-7 days, and is basically when the seed itself sprouts a taproot), the Seedling stage (which lasts about one month depending on the strain or honestly just how fast your plant grows and reaches the point where it was 4 sets of regular, serrated leaves), and on into the Vegetative Growth stage, followed by everyone's favorite: the Flower / Bloom stage, getting to watch those frosty resin filled buds pack on trichomes - then theHarvest (consisting of cutting down the plants, trimming; either wet or dry, or both and drying them), followed by CURING, the final crucial stage (which is often overlooked) but nonetheless is very real, and helps determine whether or not the bud/medicine you've grown will taste good, maintaining it's terpene profile (cannabis terpenes are a natural component of the plant that gives them their unique smell and flavor based on strain),whether the flower will burn smooth, and be all it could have been, instead of opting notto cure (out of impatience) and ending up with a sub-par smoke you can't really enjoy the benefits of. So, let's say you get your hands on some quality seeds (and we'll talk in another episode where you can get seeds from, quality genetics, and how to store them until you're ready to use them. For now, we're going to assume that you have some healthy regular seeds and you're ready to get started/germinate:


Episode 2

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by Jordan Santamaria