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by Jordan Santamaria
The Grow Life: Cannabis Cultivation

Introduction to Horticulture


In this first episode of The Grow Life, host Jordan Ryan talks about his background and education in cannabis cultivation as well as the goals he has for the podcast and the subsequent YouTube Channel, Blog, and other social media. Jordan touches upon resources to get educated online (in a nutshell), as well as encourages new listeners to subscribe and take notes if they're serious about learning to grow their own medicine. 

What is horticulture exactly? Well, to put it simply it's the art or practice of garden cultivation and management. Plop the word cannabis in front of it, and you get the idea. There are many states that allow medical cannabis users to not only purchase from dispensaries - but also offer them the option to grow their own medicine at home. Disclaimer: we encourage you to check with your state and local laws before deciding to grow. It's not worth it. Educate yourself in the laws of your area and follow legal guidelines. 

Since this is just a "getting to know you" kind of episode, Jordan briefly talks about what a cannabis plant needs in order to survive and thrive, some differences between growing indoors and outdoors, and various stages of the cannabis growth cycle; including germination and becoming a seedling. Finally, what you can expect to learn from listening to this podcast and following us elsewhere as well. We are a work in progress, learning the technology curve as we go. Bear with us, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at all you're going to learn, and how much you're going to enjoy learning it.

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Season 1

by Jordan Santamaria