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by Jordan Santamaria
The Grow Life: Cannabis Cultivation

Seedlings, Soil and Sex


Recap of Episode 2 - germination of seedlings. Big discussion on why to choose soil, important things to look for when choosing soil, types of soil, reviews for 6 common soils, and how to choose the best one for your grow, when to use amendments and which ones to use. Finally, a bit about the sexual reproduction cycle of cannabis plants, how to tell the difference between male and female plants, and much more.

Links talked about in this episode: (you can find these items on Amazon.com, but my links are direct to the manufacturer so you can see for yourself the details on each soil and growing medium. Just put the title of the soil in Amazon, and it will come up proper.)

1. Fox Farms Soils, Amendments and Conditioners (This includes Ocean Forest and Happy Frog)

2. Coast of Maine Stonington Mix (Soil)

3. Big Rootz All Purpose Potting Soil pH adjusted and enriched to Maximize Root Growth

4. Living Organic Super Soils (Concentrated Strength)

5. Bio-Bizz Worldwide Organics* (my personal favorite)

UPDATE: This episode has been republished without the music so it's now available to everyone, not just those on Spotify! I've included all the links to the soils and mediums discussed in this episode, as well as a link to the blog associated with this podcast. Please be patient with me, it's a work in progress. I'm adding the content as quickly as I can.


Episode 3

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by Jordan Santamaria