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Ep.56 Adwoa talks to Brandon Flynn about getting sober, self-reflection during the pandemic, and what it means to be an ally.


It’s easy to spiral from the seemingly smallest things during the pandemic. Life has been really tough for a long time now. But one thing, one huge thing, has helped immeasurably: being sober. And in this episode, Brandon shares his experience of leaning into the AA community and reaching his first year of sobriety. Choosing a life of sobriety, he says, has been the hardest and most gratifying thing he’s ever done.

Brandon is a brilliant human, an empath, and an authentic voice on and off screen, which makes him a dream to talk to. We swap stories on living solo during the pandemic, about self-reflection and engaging in the quality of friendships. We talk about shows that are bold enough to tackle storytelling in a different way, and his character as the ​complex and conflicted heartthrob, Justin Foley, in the Netflix hit series, ​13 Reasons Why. And lastly, we look at how the culture of curiosity plays a part in activism and community work.

Enjoy listening. And mad amounts of love.

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Episode 23

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