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by Nancy Jane Smith
The Happier Approach

Episode 151: How We Store Trauma In Our Bodies with Sarah Dionne


For those of us with anxiety, it’s pretty common to go into research mode and ask ourselves: why am I feeling this way? And if you already enjoy thinking, analyzing, and solving problems like me, well, then thinking and researching why you’re anxious is your go-to pattern.

When I was writing my book, The Happier Approach, I learned that my default pattern—researching and asking why—didn’t actually serve me. The solution to my anxiety had nothing to do with the why.

So what’s the solution to anxiety if it isn’t figuring out the why?

Honestly, I was a little disappointed by the answer.

It’s about getting into your body.

Moving from exploring our thoughts and opening up to our bodies is very hard for many of us. We live in our heads. We forget we have bodies. But what happens when our bodies have a lot to tell us about our experiences—and we don’t listen?

In Episode 149, I talked with Nicole Lewis-Keeber about the t-word: trauma.

In this episode, I’m talking with yoga psychotherapist and founder of Whole Health Collaborative, Sarah Dionne all about getting out of our heads and into our bodies and how we store trauma in our bodies.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Sarah’s unique blend of yoga and therapy and what it means to be a yoga psychotherapist
  • The false belief that stopping the thoughts will stop the experience
  • How ignoring our bodies and criticizing ourselves is an act of violence against ourselves
  • The importance of compassion and how it is key to everything

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Episode 151

by Nancy Jane Smith