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by Catherine Shearer
The Happy Lawyer Podcast

Finding Passion, Purpose and a Fulfilling Life in Law with Jennifer Germaine


On this episode of The Happy Lawyer Podcast I chat with Jennifer Germaine we talk about finding passion, purpose and a fulling life.   We dive into the following topics:

·       Her journey from big law to her own firm 

·       Burnout and how to identify it & address it 

·       Finding purpose in life and in law 

·       The importance of a well rounded life 

·       Setting boundaries in your practice 

·       Blind spots and fears holding us back 

If you want to learn more about Jenn or her podcast you can head to https://www.breathefireintolife.com/ 

As always, if you have any questions about your legal career you can reach out to me on LinkedIn: Catherine Shearer, or you can  connect through the website www.thehappylawyer.ca

 You can also find me on Instagram @guelphinjurylawyer



by Catherine Shearer