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24/02/2020 - How to Book Gigs, Bootlegging on Spotify and Music post Brexit


Josh is back on his feet and ready to bring you some new tunes and music industry chat, no Harley buuuuut....but....

The Lonely ol Josh talks his past few weeks of illness and madness and how music got him through

PLUS BPI Warns Against ‘Unreasonable Bureaucracy’ after UK Offers a Firm Post-Brexit Immigration Statement

PLUS Sofar Sounds Overhauls Artist Payments After Being Fined $460,000

PLUSPLUS Josh gives you his top tips on how to get gigs!

PLUSPLUSPLUS Music fromMarigoldsFor the HornetsSurfquakeBarny Holmes

How Long Will Spotify Allow Bootleg “Podcasts” to Top the Charts? A substantial number of podcast bootleggers are delivering illegal music to Spotify users, and it’s unclear how — or if — the streaming service will stem the tide of copyright infringement and stolen royalties.

According to a report from Pitchfork, a simple-but-effective process allows users to make demos, live recordings, unreleased tracks, and a slew of otherwise unpublished songs, available for all to enjoy on Spotify: The works are disguised as podcasts.

The streaming giant has not established especially stringent copyright-infringement filters for non-music content, and in turn, the compilations are staying live for sizable periods of time — long enough to rise to the top of the podcast charts, in many cases.

while the inspiration for posting bootleg music may not be financial, the affected artists are being very directly — and very seriously — impacted. To climb to the top of the podcast charts, a program must receive many plays and positive reviews.

UK Offers a Firm Post-Brexit Immigration Statement, BPI Warns Against ‘Unreasonable Bureaucracy’ Having finalized Brexit and officially exited the European Union, the United Kingdom is taking steps to fundamentally change its immigration policy, as indicated by a statement posted on the UK government’s official website. As expected, “free movement”—the ability of EU citizens to enter and exit the United Kingdom as they please—will be halted beginning in January 2021. New visitor-registration services will aim to more thoroughly document who enters and exits the UK, and post-Brexit border security will be bolstered.

Additionally, a points-based immigration system will be part of a broader initiative to attract skilled foreigners to the country.

The points-based system sets salary thresholds for non-citizen professionals who wish to become employed in the UK, in addition to evaluating these individuals based upon qualifications, education, experience, and more. Presumably, the European Union could fire back with requirements of their own, which would affect the way UK artists seek permission to perform in European Union states.

Late last month, the UK government stated that it would not enforce the European Union’s much-criticized Copyright Directive, which will strengthen copyright laws by holding web platforms liable for the content their users upload; only registered copyright holders will be allowed to share their media, under the Directive.

Sofar Sounds Overhauls Artist Payments After Being Fined $460,000

As part of the update, which was announced via Sofar’s website, “the beginnings of a brand new artist dashboard” have been instituted. When complete, this optimized dashboard will enable Sofar musicians to more quickly and easily access booking information and event specifics, in addition to promptly reserving performance slots.

A beta has been made available to some Sofar users, with a wider rollout tentatively scheduled for March.

Plus, the upcoming dashboard will boast enhanced artist-communication tools (through which performers can connect with other performers that they’ve met on the road) and will prompt attendees to support artists.

Most significantly, though, Sofar Sounds revealed that they will continue to work towards a 70/30 profit split (in artists’ favor) for “standard shows in ticketed cities.” In doing so, artists who sell a relatively large number of tickets will be paid comparatively more.

For ticketed-city performers who sell between zero and 70 tickets, Sofar will pay $100; anywhere between 71 and 100 sold tickets will earn artists $125; and 101+ attendees will result in artists being paid $150. The rate “applies to all standard shows in ticketed cities,” according to Sofar.

The aforementioned New York Department of Labor investigation zeroed in on more than 650 individuals whom Sofar classified as “ambassadors” and did not compensate.

Sofar execs were said to have cooperated with the investigation, after which $460,357.50 was paid out to the affected employees, and the above-described overhaul was planned. Importantly, many cities book Sofar shows on a volunteer basis, and at these events, audience members can pay as much (or as little) as they like.

Sofar Sounds’ concerts typically involve three up-and-coming acts (artists, dancers, and even comedians can apply on the company’s website). Venues are announced 24 hours beforehand, guests aren’t told who will be playing until they arrive, and each artist’s set generally lasts 20 to 25 minutes.

Checklist for getting gigs *Promo package -Photos -Videos -Recordings *make a list of venues (think about the their usual genre and clientele, travel distance, do you know anyone in that town?) *make phone calls *make a list of promoters (think about how you approach them, bargaining power)* *analyse what other artists around you are doing in terms of promotion and marketing -Marketing is the process of interesting potential customers and clients in your products and/or services. The key word in this marketing definition is "process"; marketing involves researching, promoting, selling, and distributing your products or services.) *look for support opportunities (buy on *try busking *loss leaders *say thank you, take it on the chin *festivals look for stage managers and promoters and sound engineers, linked in *pricing is important, if you’re a covers band don’t under sell yourself. you can get gigs easy but also taken advantage of and other bands locally may not like you undercutting them giving you a bad rep. If you’re an originals band the supply is way higher than the demand so don’t expect much money, think about pitching how much money you can make them. Music From Marigolds For The Hornets Surfquake Barny Holmes 24 FebThe Duke Open Mic!19:30 · The Duke Ipswich 24 FebTalking Sleeve Live at Monday Night Mayhem!20 · Brewers Arms - Ipswich Tues, 25 FebIpswich - Open Mic - Hallowed Be Thy MicBriarbank Brewing Company 28/02/2020The Lurkers + Smart Alex The Steamboat Tavern, 78 New Cut West, Ipswich Suffolk, IP2 8HW, United Kingdom Fri 21:15 Rolled Up Sleeves // Slater // Tom Peplow · Coda Colchester · Colchester, Essex 28/02/2020Pale Girls + Marigolds + Goldblume + Blue Mean Eyes The Smokehouse, 6 South Street, Ipswich Suffolk, IP1 3NU, United Kingdom 28/02/2020For The Hornets + Killatrix + Pink Lemonade + Bag Of Cans John Peel Centre, Church Walk , Stowmarket Suffolk, IP14 1ET, United Kingdom 29/02/2020Surfquake + Ed Sykes & The Sonic Oscillators Colchester Arts Centre, Church Street, Colchester Essex, CO1 1NF, United Kingdom 29/02/2020Tripswitch The Kingfisher, 301 Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich Suffolk, IP2 0QX, United Kingdom Sun 15:00 Barny Holmes live at IsaacsIsaacs on the Quay · Ipswich, Suffolk


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