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The Healing Trauma Podcast

Healing from Betrayal Trauma With Michelle Mays

The Healing Trauma Podcast
The Healing Trauma Podcast

On today's episode I am joined with Michelle Mays. Michelle Mays is a Licensed Professional Counselor and expert in treating sexual betrayal and trauma. She's also the author of the book The Betrayal Bind: How to Heal When the Person You Love the Most Has Hurt You the Worst. She reveals the depth of the devastating dilemma that betrayed partners face when their significant other is unsafe to connect with, yet connection is the key to healing. Michelle looks at betrayal through the lens of attachment, as our attachment system is the very thing that connects us with anyone in our lives, and how betrayal causes a break in the attachment bond to the person we are closest with, shattering trust, and leaving a betrayed partner feeling unsafe and violated.

This was a very informative and rich conversation.

If you can't see the video here, watch and subscribe to my youtube channel https://youtu.be/YEq9BNBD9zs Michelle's Website & Resources www.michellemays.com


Her Book⁠ can be found here:

https://www.amazon.com/Betrayal-Bind-Heal-Person-Worst/dp/1949481778/Thank you to PartnerHope LLC for sponsoring this episode

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The Healing Trauma Podcast
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